Diaspora Program

At least 1/3 of Albanians live outside the borders of their home countries in Southeastern Europe. With the launch of our new program, we are working to raise awareness of the Albanian diaspora among countries in the region and support the home governments to engage the diaspora and develop strategies to promote economic and social development. Read more

Recent Blogs

Energy as a Big Opportunity in Albania

Author: Juan Domingo Riesco

This year, Albania’s Parliament approved an ambitious new electricity law. With it, the country is trying to complete the unbundling of its electricity generation, transmission and retail; move toward a non-discriminatory competitive market; and integrate more fully with the rest of Europe, both in energy markets and energy priorities. If that sounds complicated and technical, that’s because it is.

PM Edi Rama at Harvard


PM Edi Rama addressed the JFK Jr. Forum on a range of domestic policy issues affecting his country and the Balkan community.