Past Presentations

Past Presentations Fall 2013

11/20/2013 Stefan Hoderlein (Boston College) -- Consumer Demand and Welfare Estimation in a Heterogeneous Population

11/13/2013 Tyler VanderWeele (Harvard School of Public Health) -- Surrogate Measures and Consistent Surrogates

11/6/2013 Amy Sliva (Northeastern) -- Scalable Analysis of Conflict Behavior & Decision-Making

10/30/2013 Cathy O'Neil

10/23/2013 Teppei Yamamoto (MIT) -- Identification and Estimation of Causal Mediation Effects with Treatment Noncompliance 

10/16/2013 Arthur Spirling (Gov Department) 

10/9/2013 Cynthia Rudin (MIT) -- Growing a Pattern From a Seed

10/2/2013 Andrew Ho (Graduate School of Education) -- Between the ordinal and the interval: Educational score scales and the "scale-dependence" of analytic results

9/25/2013 James Robins (Harvard School of Public Health) -- Deterministic and Stochastic Counterfactuals, Interference Between Treatments, Causal Interactions, Bell's Inequality in Quantum Mechanics, and The Nature of Reality

9/18/2013 Alan M. Zaslavsky (Harvard Health Care Policy) -- Propensity score weighting for covariate balance

9/11/2013 Peter Aronow (Yale University) -- Does Regression Produce Representative Estimates of Causal Effects?

9/4/2013 Scott W. Linderman (SEAS) -- Discovering latent network structure from spiking data using Hawkes process