Securing China’s Nuclear Energy Development

By Hui Zhang

Chinese president Xi Jinping said in his address at the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit that, “we should place equal emphasis on development [of nuclear energy] and security, and develop nuclear energy on the premise of security.” He further emphasized that, “developing nuclear energy at the expense of security can neither be sustainable nor bring real development. Only by adopting credible steps and safeguards can we keep the risks under effective control and develop nuclear energy in a sustainable way.”

Piecing together Turkey’s Iran policy

Aaron SteinAaron Stein outlines Turkey's strategic approach to Iran's nuclear program. Turkey's policy, he argues, is based on robust assumptions about the strength of Turkey's military, the credibility of NATO's deterrent power, and the value of the Turkish-Iranian economic relationship, and is therefore unlikely to change no matter the outcome of Iran's negotiations with the P5+1.

What Kind of Material Needs What Level of Security?

By Matthew Bunn

In August of 2002, the United States – assisted by a gift from the Nuclear Threat Initiative, when it turned out no U.S. agency had money that was not blocked from doing what was needed – helped airlift 48 kilograms of 80% enriched highly enriched uranium out of the Vinca nuclear research institute in Serbia.  A force of 1,200 armed troops guarded the shipment as it moved from the lab to the airport.  Under international rules, this was dangerous “Category I” material requiring the highest level of security. But under Department of Energy (DOE) rules for categorizing nuclear material, if the same material had been at a DOE site, it would have been considered “Category III” material requiring hardly any security.

Striving for Equality: Part 2 of 3

Is it possible to be a good wife, a great mother and a successful businesswoman? Have both a family and a career? Is it possible to combine work and family? Yes! But it needs a lot of patience, hard work and, when possible, a partner’s support.

Women always strive to strike a balance between love and work. Many times they need to decide whether they want to stay at work or listen to their heart and follow their love. Many would prefer the latter. Some women feel that their intuition and “sixth sense” somehow already knows what is the best.

Beyond the Summits: The Way Forward for Nuclear Security in the Middle East

By Nilsu Goren and Ariane Tabatabai

With the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) now over, policymakers are thinking about next steps to address nuclear security. The NSS process has progressed since its first installment in 2010; yet, the Middle East, a key region where nuclear security is of tremendous importance, remains underrepresented.