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Belfer Iran Brief—January 25–31, 2014

Andrew WojtanikDiplomats, analysts, and journalists have marked February 18 on their calendars, the date when talks over the future of Iran’s nuclear program will resume in Vienna. Meanwhile, President Obama reiterated his threat to veto Senate sanctions legislation, as Democratic cosponsors of the Kirk-Menendez bill began peeling off. This week’s developments from the Iran Matters team . . .

edX Makes Access Anywhere a Priority

It turns out that some countries that the U.S. State Department has on their embargo list (Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba) may not get the touted benefited of MOOCs, namely anyone with any internet connection can learn.

edX, with support from Harvard and MIT, has been leading the charge to ensure that expanding access is more than a marketing slogan. To wit...

Ivory Tower Takes on the Ivory Tower

A scene from ‘Ivory Tower’ Sundance

Director Andrew Rossi started his moviemaking journey at Harvard. Literally embedding himself inside of CS50, "Intro to Computer Science," his film began one way---a deep dive into innovative teaching---and with the "disruption"/MOOC moment happening mid-shoot (with Harvard playing a key role)---evolved into something slightly different.

Summer research opportunities for undergraduates (Application deadline: Feb 28, 2014)

The Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data project is pleased to announce summer research opportunities for undergraduates with interests related to computer science and scientific computing. Students will work with faculty in highly interdisciplinary groups on projects that contribute to the security and privacy of data.

How will OPEC respond to a rise in Iran’s oil output?

Nader Habibi, professor of economics at Brandeis University, describes the tension between Iran's goal of increasing its share of the world oil market once sanctions are lifted and OPEC's desire to maintain a stable price for crude. He predicts that tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran may drive OPEC to allow the price of oil to drop over the next few years.

Belfer Iran Brief—January 18–24, 2014

Andrew WojtanikWhile Iran began implementing constraints on its nuclear program, eyes this week turned to two significant meetings in Switzerland. First, the UN hastily withdrew Tehran’s invitation to Syria peace talks beginning in Montreux. A day later, President Rouhani assured an audience of policy influentials at the World Economic Forum in Davos that Iran is committed to “constructive engagement” with the world.