Career Services

Career Counseling

The Bridge Program provides career counseling services to union employees at the university. One-on-one sessions focus on educational opportunities, professional development or any aspect of a job transition.

The career counselor assists participants in choosing Bridge classes and/or specialized training, certificate or college programs in their chosen area. Students can also receive guidance with the job search process through resume and cover letter consultation, interview practice and online job searches.

Assessments may be used to identify the right career path. Participants may be able to explore their options with volunteering, job shadows or a Harvard internship.

If you would like to meet with a career counselor, please contact us.

After a comprehensive battery of career assessments, students will develop a resume, learn to format a cover letter and to search and apply for jobs online. Mock interviews will be conducted and analyzed in class. Instruction will focus on strategic responses and appropriate follow-up. Basic computer skills are required.

Job Transition

Employees who are interested in making job transitions, should contact the career counselor to explor possible next steps. Some of the transitions employees have made can be found here.