Career Development

Career Exploration



This class is designed for students to explore different career options both inside and outside Harvard University. After completing a comprehensive battery of career assessments, students develop a working resume, learn how to format a cover letter, and how to search and apply for jobs online. Mock interviews are conducted and analyzed in class. Instruction focuses on strategic responses and appropriate follow-up after the interview. Basic computer skills are required for enrollment.

Introduction to Office Skills

This course introduces students to the basics of working in an office. Combining computer and customer service skills, this hands-on course is designed to increase students' knowledge and confidence in operating office equipment, such as the copier, fax machine, multi-line telephones and printers. Students learn to order office supplies on-line, make travel arrangements, and schedule meetings. Students explore the dynamics of offices and learn how to work effectively within them. Mastery of telephone etiquette, prioritizing work-flow, and multitasking are required.

Business Writing/Computer Skills for Supervisors

This course is designed for students who are ready to begin exploring the writing and technical skills involved in office careers. The class includes constructing effective e-mails, memos, reports, spreadsheets, and correspondence. There is a focus on improving sentence structure, adding variety to enhance writing, building business language vocabulary, and practicing to proofread and edit documents. This course is for students with basic/intermediate computer skills who want to learn more about email, Microsoft Office programs, and using the internet.

Advanced Writing for the Workplace

This course is designed for students who want to further improve and gain confidence in their business writing. The class will focus on developing organizational skills, and improving the clarity of messages using the correct tone, grammar, and business vocabulary. Lessons will feature actual letters, e-mails, faxes, reports, and memos written by students in their current jobs. There is an emphasis on developing advanced grammar skills in order to edit and proofread one’s own writing.

Writing for the Workplace

This course is designed for students who are ready to begin practicing business writing needed in office settings. The class includes: constructing effective e-mails, letters, memos, and reports; improving sentence structure and variety; and building business language vocabulary. Where possible, there is an emphasis on using the students’ current, on-the- job writing to develop relevant grammar and writing lessons. The course goal is to enable students to be more effective writers at their workplaces and/or prepare them for jobs that require writing.