Program Policies


  1. To participate in the Bridge Program Harvard staff must:
    • Complete their probationary period
    • Have satisfactory job performance
  2. Computer classes are not offered during work hours
  3. If you want to drop the Bridge class:
    • You must inform the Bridge in the first two weeks
    • Your department pays $732 tuition. If you fail to notify the Bridge in the first two weeks, your department will be billed the full amount
  4. Course materials are provided free of charge. If you lose your book, you are responsible for replacing it.
  5. You must attend classes and complete all required coursework.
    • If you cannot come to class, you must contact your instructor and supervisor
    • You are allowed 2 excused absences for documented reasons. You must bring documentation (e.g. a note from your supervisor) when you return. You are responsible for completing the work for the classes you miss.
    • After 2 absences a meeting will be arranged to discuss alternatives
  6. You must come to class on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, the teacher has the option to mark you absent and refuse to admit you to class. You are expected to get any missed work.

The policies are distributed to students during the fall semester.  Students are expected to sign and return them to their instructor. The policies are translated into a number of languages for easier comprehension.

English (pdf) | Spanish (pdf) | Portuguese (pdf) | Haitian Creol (pdf)