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    WorldMap moves from Alpha to Beta

    Those with sharp eyes will notice that the "alpha" has dropped from WorldMap URLs and rather than displaying an amazon URL one now sees a Harvard domain.  Sites which were originally created on the AfricaMap platform will revert back to their original domains on cga-5.

    WorldMap Enhancements

    WorldMap is adding new ways to bring in map data from other systems.  Now it is possible to add ArcGIS Server REST and WMS layers to your map. REST layers are not returning attributes yet, but soon they will. 

    This is just the beginning of WorldMap <-> ArcGIS integration and opens up thousands of layers which can now be brought directly into WorldMap without having to first download them. 

    Online Georeferencing

    We've added an online georeferencing tool based on the NYPL Map Warper.  Try it out.  Documentation coming.  This makes it easy to get scanned maps georeferenced and loaded to WorldMap or any other GIS system. 

    Recent WorldMap developments

    The next WorldMap training class is October 7th.  Sign up here: to learn all about how to load maps to WorldMap and create your own mapping applications.

    WorldMap Beta was released in July.  Here are some current statistics:

    • 592 Registered Users
    • 1078 Data Layers Added containing 12,755 fields
    • 232 Maps Published

    WorldMap will be used in these Harvard classes during 2011/2012:

    Welcome to the Universe

    We want to test this Open Scholar platoform to see if people from outside our collaboraton can particpate easily, so comment away!