Frequently Asked Questions

    Paychecks & Direct Deposit

    Your Fall Clean-Up paycheck will always be issued as a paper check mailed to your campus mailbox; it is not possible to directly deposit your first paycheck. However, if you continue working for Dorm Crew (or another Harvard job) after FCU ends, all subsequent paychecks can be deposited in your bank account rather than receiving a paper check in the mail.

    After you have submitted your FCU hiring paperwork, you may follow these instructions to set up direct deposit.

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    W-2 Form

    Click here to obtain a copy of your W-2

    You may need to file a federal income tax return if you receive a minimum amount of gross income for the calendar year. Filing a federal income tax return requires the information from your W-2 form. Harvard mails you a W-2 form each January. You may also access the form online.

    W-4 & M-4 Form

    After your hiring paperwork has been processed by Harvard's payroll office, you must designate how much money the University should withhold from your paycheck for taxes. You will need to complete these tax withholding documents online:

    • W-4 Form (a federal form instructing Harvard to withhold federal taxes from your paycheck)
    • M-4 Form (a state form instructing Harvard to withhold Massachusetts state taxes from your paycheck)

    What part of the Mellon School is open to the public?

    While the seminars and writing workshops are for participants only, the Mellon School Lectures from 5:30-7:00pm are free and open to the public. In addition, lectures are filmed will be publicly available via the internet. Lectures are led by visiting faculty members. Mellon School Lectures take place in Farkas Hall, 10-12 Holyoke Street.

    The 2017 Mellon School Lecture Schedule:
    Monday, June 5: Opening Address, Martin Puchner
    Tuesday, June 6: Elaine Scarry
    Wednesday, June 7: Harvey Young
    Thursday, June 8: Carrie Preston

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    Dormitory Accomodations

    Dormitory accomodations are located only a 10 minute walk from the Barker Center. The current 2017 cost for dorms is $77 per night (subject to change), plus a flat fee for linens, which include two sets of sheets, blanket, pillow/pillowcase, bath towel, and face cloth.

    The dorms have the advantage of being convenient and affordable, and of providing a space for participants to gather. Accommodations in the dorms, however, are very basic, with limited or no access to kitchen, etc. Dorm rooms are single-occupancy and bathrooms are shared.

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    Parking Availability

    Parking is limited and difficult in the Harvard Square area and near the dorms. Participants are encouraged to take public transportation, the MBTA – known as the “T.” Maps of the T routes – subways, buses, commuter rails – are located on the walls in each station. The closest station is located next to the information kiosk in the middle of Harvard Square. Complete information, including fares and schedules, is also available on line at

    Session Schedule and Dates

    The 2017 Mellon School starts Monday, June 5, 2017 at 10:00am and ends on Friday, June 16, 2017 at 2:30pm. Registration on Monday, June 5 begins at 9:30am.

    Each day, there is mandatory programming from 10am-7pm.

    A typical day:
    10am-12pm: Seminars
    12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch (provided by the Mellon School)
    1:00pm-2:30pm: Lecture Discussion
    2:30-3:00pm: Break
    3:00pm-4:30pm: Writing Workshops
    4:30-5:30pm: Break
    5:30-7:00pm: Lecture

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    Application: Preferred Submission Format

    We prefer to receive your submission as ONE PDF document, with the filname as "LastName, FirstName Application.pdf". Other accepted formats are .doc and .docx formats. Please include your first and last name in your filename upon submission. Submissions must be in English to be considered.

    Application: Dissertation Prospectus

    We realize that prospectus requirements vary from institution to institution. We are looking for approximately 10 double-spaced pages giving a succinct overview of your argument, its originality, methodology, and scope. If the format of your document differs from this, you may submit as is; take care to give a comprehensive description of your project.

    Application: Statement of Interest

    Similar to a cover letter, this one-page document lets us know your specific interest in this summer's Mellon School and helps us to relate your current work with our current offerings.

    Application: I am just beginning my graduate coursework, or I am senior faculty, or I am not in academia; should I still apply?

    The Mellon School gives preference to scholars who would most directly benefit from our program's offerings, including the faculty and student writing workshops. It tends to be the case that upper-level graduate students and junior faculty have greatly benefitted from these two-week workshops. However, we do welcome other applications; please take care to specify in your application why the format of the Mellon School would be beneficial to you at this particular point in your career.

    Application: Transcripts

    We require transcripts from graduate-level coursework only. Transcripts from your undergraduate coursework are not required. Either an electronic copy or a scanned copy of your official transcript is fine. Please attach your transcript as a PDF with the rest of your application. If you prefer to send your transcripts by post, they may be mailed to:

    The Mellon School of Theater and Performance Research 
    c/o Harvard University Department of English
    12 Quincy Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138

    All transcripts must be postmarked by March 1.