Alyssa Goodman: Seamless Astronomy: 
How astronomers share, explore & discover, at Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress, Saturday, April 16, 2011:

    This talk was delivered to the Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress by Alyssa Goodman in April, 2011.  The goal was to very briefly explain the "Seamless Astronomy" approach to the group building up the "Sage" Commons.  The Sage Commons will be a "revolutionary accessible information platform to define the molecular basis of disease and guide the development of effective human therapeutics and diagnostics."

    Alyssa Goodman: To Tech or Not to Tech? (Solutions for Scientists: Modern Software Tools that Facilitate Research), at Oxford University, Tuesday, September 13, 2011:

    tumblr post about this talk: I’m off to Oxford for a meeting on “Future Science Leadership.”  I’ve been asked to give a talk there called “Solutions for scientists: modern software tools that facilitate research.” To put my money where my mouth is, I thought I should not leave only my presentation slides online, but instead create a web site where the helpful software listing I’ll offer can …

    August Muench: Introducing The Astronomy Dataverse (, at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Monday, April 2, 2012:
    These are the files associated with the "Astronomy Dataverse" presentation (by Gus Muench, Alyssa Goodman, and Alicia Soderberg) and panel discussion featuring Mercé Crosas, Christopher Erdmann, and Alberto Pepe, held in Phillips Auditorium on 4/2/2012.  Please contact Gus Muench ( for more information.