Middle English

Middle English Table of Contents


KEYTERMS 1. A set of keyterms necessary for the study of Middle English.
TRANSCRIPTION 2. An exercise in pdf format based on a Middle English translation of the Tower of Babel passage.
VOWEL CHART 3. An interactive drag-and-drop exercise that asks you to place the vowels of Middle English on a diagram of the mouth.
BASIC PRONUNCIATION AND GRAMMAR 4. Exercises from the online tutorial METRO for learning Middle English. Do the activities indicated under the headings "Listening and Speaking" and "Grammar"
CONSONANTS 5. This lesson includes information on several matters related to Middle English consonants. It includes two questions for you to answer.
MORE PRONUNCIATION 6. An audio player that allows you to read the fourteenth Century prose Brut while listening to it being read in period pronunciation.
LENGTHENING AND SHORTENING 7. Download this pdf exercise on the lengthening and shortening of certain vowels in Middle English.
SYNTAX 8. An exercise in pdf format on Middle English syntax using the Middle English Tower of Babel passage.
VERB ENDINGS 9. This exercise asks you to conjugate two verbs from the Wycliffite Tower of Babel passage, and to answer some questions about those verbs.
DIALECT MAP 10. Three maps of the geography of Middle English dialects. Print these out, study them, and bring them to lecture and section.