2016 Sep 08

CBB Seminar - Matt van der Meer (Dartmouth)


Thursday, September 8, 2016, 12:00pm


WJH 765

The rodent hippocampus as a model system for planning and inference

“Place cells" in the rodent hippocampus are not limited to signaling the
animal's current location; decoding their activity reveals the
compression of ongoing experience into sequences which can dynamically
"look ahead" or "look behind" the animal. Moreover, subsequent recall is
not limited to literal replay of experience but includes, for instance,
sequences not previously experienced. I will present work evaluating the
idea that hippocampal sequences implement a planning process supporting
a model-based inference and decision system, centered on two questions:
(1) if hippocampal sequences are not limited to literal replay, what
determines their content, and (2) how can we address the conundrum of
decoding and interpreting internally generated, cognitive neural
activity for which we have no ground truth?