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#Dataverse2017: Dataverse and the Data Lifecycle

During the third Dataverse Community Meeting, members of our community explore how Dataverse continues to grow as an integral part of the data lifecycle, with talks that include a broad range of topics: managing data with Dataverse institutional data repositories, supporting large scale data, integrating data sharing with computing and with tools that help reproducible research, and connecting data to scholarly and other research outputs.


June 14:  Pre-Meeting Workshops


  • IQSS Workshop: Best practices building social science R packages
  • Dataverse User Training Workshop


June 15: Day 1 Dataverse Community Meeting

Keynote address by Phil Bourne on "Are Funders and Academic Institutions Approaches to Data Science Aligned?"
Followed by a panel discussion on "How Can Funders and Academic Institutions Incentivize Data Sharing?" More >

June 16: Day 2 Dataverse Community Meeting

Keynote address by Victoria Stodden on "Reproducibility and Repositories"
Followed by a panel discussion on "Reproducibility and Data Sharing" More >


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The Dataverse Community Meeting, hosted by Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, welcomes researchers, librarians, publishers, developers and anyone interested in data sharing or building repositories.

The Dataverse Project has a growing and active community of users and developers and is now a mature repository software used to share and archive research data. Learn more about the project at our site.