Banner Photo Credit: Displaced Haitian mothers still struggle to ensure their infants and children have food and access to medical care, often spending a considerable amount of time each day traveling between aid distribution sites and clinics. Pétionville, Haiti. April, 2013. ©2013 LernerMedia Global. Photo by K. Lee Lerner. All Rights Reserved.

"Each year, a spectrum of natural disasters, environmental challenges, conflicts, and political policies combine to displace populations and create temporary communities scattered around the world. While adhering to traditional values of objectivity, verifiability, and balanced journalism, our goal is create and feature stories that offer long-term coverage and insight on the status of people displaced by natural disasters and climate change."

-- K. Lee Lerner. Fukushima nuclear accident exclusion zone. Japan, April, 2013.  ©2013 LernerMedia Global (LMG) Photo by Hitoshi Koreeda 是枝仁. All Rights Reserved.