Having finished a successful year under the sponsorship of the Mahindra Humanities Center in 2013-14, the Early Sciences Working Group is currently planning an exciting program for the 2014-15 academic year. The working group brings graduate students together with post-doctoral fellows and faculty members to discuss their work on the history of medieval and early modern science and medicine. Meetings focus on the history of pre-modern sciences (understood generally as embracing the period before 1800) from the point of view of medieval and early modern European and Atlantic history, history of science, Middle Eastern and East Asian studies, and gender history. This workshop focuses on science and medicine as broad social and cultural experiences to be analyzed from a multiplicity of approaches, from micro-history to comparative and global history.

The faculty sponsors are Katharine Park and Ahmed Ragab, and the graduate organizers are Allyssa Metzger and Devin Kennedy.