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A History of Death


Thursday, November 20, 2014, 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Thompson Room, Barker Center

"A History of Death" is the inaugural lecture of this year's Death and Dying Series, part of the Mahindra Humanities Seminar. Death and the dead body have always played the role of political battleground.Yet death’s fraught relationship with the political has not remained constant through time—pre-modern responses to death differ drastically from those of the present day. A History of Death chronicles the place of death in pre-modern history and works to trace the intersections of politics and death across religious and cultural boundaries.A screening of The Seventh Seal will follow a panel discussion.

Speakers: Karen King (HDS), Anne Monius (HDS), Ahmed Ragab (HDS), and Daniel Smail (Harvard).  Moderated by Katharine Park. 

This event is part of the Mahindra Humanities Center's "Death and Dying Series," and is hosted by the Divinity School's Science, Religion, and Culture Program.  Please join us for the reception.