The Annual EWB-USA Fundraising Campaign has begun!

You can help us raise money for our current project here.

EWB-USA is offering matching funds, so every donation is worth twice as much for a short time!

For HCEWB to continue its effort towards sustainable advances in developing communities, the organization needs sponsors to finance the necessary resources for its projects.


HCEWB is funded by:


HCEWB welcomes donations of all kinds, and as HCEWB holds an account with the nonprofit EWB-USA, all monetary donations towards HCEWB are tax-deductible. Donations need not be large, and can be conveniently done online here. EWB-USA will issue a tax receipt at the address given. If you are interested in donating by check instead, or are interested in supporting HCEWB through an alternative means (e.g. in-kind donations), please contact our Treasurer for more information.

We appreciate your support!

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