Update on Nectar Grant.

April 17, 2017


For this calendar year, EWB has received grants from the following sponsors:

Engineers Without Borders Nectar Grant - $8000.

The chapter still seeks to raise $ 63075 to facilitate implementation trips to Los Sachez, DR and Mkutani, Tanzania.  Without this amount the chapter cannot partake in its respective implementation trips. To donate, please click here.

Also, please see our sponsorship packet(pdf) below:




Mkutani Team

Project Update- The Mkutani Team

March 29, 2017

The Mkutani team submitted their latrine and teacher housing pre-tip implementation plans along with their construction safety plan! Over 150 pages of Mkutani content is now under EWB-USA review.


Acknowledgement - EWB Grants and Fundraisers.

February 28, 2017

Grants received by the chapter are distributed between the chapter’s two current projects.  Thus far, the chapter’s main source of revenue has been grants from Harvard University. This year, they  have strengthened their relationship with larger funding sources like the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Phillips Brooks House Center for Public Service and Engaged Scholarship, and the Harvard Global Health Institute. They have  been awarded one $8,000 and one $4,000 grant from the Harvard John A.

Alternative Analysis

Project Update- The Los Sanchez Team

February 22, 2017


The Los Sanchez team submitted the alternative analysis report detailing the possible solutions to the water distribution challenge in Los Sanchez. The document also details the solution chosen. They also submitted the pre-trip implementation report, and  the operations and maintenance manual on February the 22nd, 2017.


Project Update - Los Sanchez, DR

Project Update - Los Sanchez, DR

March 11, 2016

The local government has started constructing a new water tank for Los Sanchez! We are in close touch with the community leaders, and it seems that the construction is coming along well. More info to come, stay tuned!

Assessment Trip - Los Sanchez, DR

Assessment Trip - Los Sanchez, DR

January 31, 2016

Following a successful monitoring trip to Pinalito last March, HUEWB has expanded its efforts into the neighboring community of Los Sanchez. The goal of this new project is to provide the community with reliable access to clean drinking water, which they currently lack. A travel team of 7 students and 1 professional mentor visited Los Sanchez this January for an assessment trip, where they conducted household surveys, collected geological data, and tested water samples.