Faculty Looking for Research Assistants

Instructions for posting a position

Faculty members may email Emily Sall (FHB@fas.harvard.edu), the Coordinator of FHB, to post a research assistant position. All postings are removed after two months (unless an extension is requested at least three days before expiration). Faculty posting a job should include: (i) their name and official Harvard title, (ii) the field in which the job offer is being made (e.g., social neuroscience), (iii) a one paragraph description of the job opening, and (iv) contact information.

Faculty Seeking Research Assistance Postings

Undergraduate RA position in Cognitive Neuroscience

The Computational Cognitive Neuroscience lab at Harvard University (Psychology Department) is seeking a paid research assistant in the lab for Spring 2016. The research assistant must be a Harvard undergraduate, and will be paid $14/hour. Duties include (but are not limited to) running participants in the lab using behavioral methods, helping with neuroimaging experiments, and analyzing data. A minimum commitment of one semester (8-10 hours/week) is required. Previous research experience, programming, and the ability to commit to more than a single semester are all preferred but not required. For more information about the lab's research, please see the lab website (http://gershmanlab.webfactional.com/index.html). If interested, please send a copy of your resume/CV to Dr. Tommy Blanchard (tblanchard@g.harvard.edu) with a cover letter stating why you are interested in joining the lab.