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Students seeking research positions should email the following information to your resume, official student status at Harvard (e.g., Harvard undergraduate class of 2016), research interests, number of hours per week you want to work, duration of work, email address and phone number.  

Students Seeking Research Assistance - Postings

Tony Huang, Harvard College, 2018

My name is Tony Huang and I am a sophomore at Harvard College. I am interested in research assistantship positions (5-7 hours per week) available for the Fall 2015 semester. Though I will be concentrating in economics and a secondary in sociology, I am open to positions relating to or different from the two mentioned. Resume

Tony Huang
Bachelor of Arts in Economics Candidate
Class of 2018 | Harvard College

Devon Higham, Harvard College, 2017

My name is Devon Higham and I am a Junior at Harvard College concentrating in Social Studies with a focus in Economics. I am particularly interested in issues relating to socioeconomic inequality but would love to work on projects in other fields. I am available to work 5-10 hours a week in both the fall and spring semesters, but am flexible depending on the particular needs of the project. Resume

Devon Higham
Bachelor of Arts Candidate in Social Studies
Harvard College Class of 2017

Zhaodong Chen, Harvard College, 2018

I am Zhaodong Chen, a sophomore concentrating in Applied Math and Economics. I am interested to be involved in research that has some quantitative analysis opportunity and open to any other research as well. I am available Fall and Spring  semester this year for between 5-8 hours per week. Resume

Contact information:

Zhaodong Chen
Bachelor of Arts Candidate in Applied Math/Economics
Harvard College Class of 2018
808-384-2696 |

Peter Muncey, University of Chicago, 2018

My name is Peter Muncey and I am seeking academic experience working as a research assistant at Harvard University. I am currently on a leave of absence from my 3rd year at the University of Chicago studying Economics and Computational Neuroscience. My specific interests lay in behavioral economics, specifically in the area of decision making theory and the new field of Neuroeconomics, where economics intersects with psychology and neuroscience. I believe that my diverse experiences set me apart and give me with a unique perspective to think critically and provide insight to tough problems. I am currently available full time from now until January, and would be eager to start working right away either on campus or remotely. Please feel free to reach me at, or directly at (617) 688-4927. Thank you. Resume