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Students seeking research positions should email the following information to your resume, official student status at Harvard (e.g., Harvard undergraduate class of 2016), research interests, number of hours per week you want to work, duration of work, email address and phone number.  

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Shangda Xu, Harvard College, Class of 2020


Name/Status: Shangda Xu, Harvard College Undergraduate Class of 2020, A.B. Candidate in Economics

Research Fields: economics and government, specifically political economics, behavioral economics, and behavior in politics and government

Desired Hours and Job Duration: Approx. 10 hours a week, throughout school year

Contact Information:, (203) 651-9586

Please click HERE for resume 


Huafeng Yu, Smith College, 2016

Name/Status: Huafeng (Louise) Yu, Smith College Undergraduate Class of 2016, B.A. in Psychology and Economics

Research Fields: economics, psychology, marketing, decision making

Desired Hours and Job Duration: Part-time or full-time position, available immediately until June 2017

Contact Information:, (413) 355-1467

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Yanjia Bai, Harvard College Visiting Undergraduate Student, 2017

I am Yanjia Bai, a visiting undergraduate student at Harvard (for this spring term, summer and fall term) concentrating in Economics and Mathematics. I aspire to be an economist in the future and have gained some research assistance experience in background research and data processing so far. Particularly interested in the behavioral sciences behind economic decisions, I would love to work as a research assistant 20 hours/week in the entire year (March 2016 - January 2017). A full-time position in the summer is also desired. CV

Yanjia Bai
Bachelor of Economics Candidate (double majoring in Mathematics)
The University of Hong Kong, Class of 2017
Harvard College Visiting Undergraduate Student
617-460-3367 |

Daniel Katz, Northeastern University, 2017

My name is Daniel Katz and I am a third year economics major at Northeastern University with a minor in mathematics. I am particularly interested in behavioral economics, experimental economics, and econometrics. However, I am open to research in any field of economics, as I am looking to gain research experience. I am looking for a full time research assistant position, around 40 hours a week, from July-December 2016. I am also flexible when it comes to the duration and hours per week. CV

Daniel Katz
Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Economics (honors), Mathematics minor
Northeastern University Class of 2017
(845) 216-8242 |

Julia Lu, Harvard College, 2019

My name is Julia Lu and I am a Freshman at Harvard College concentrating in Behavioral Economics with secondary in Computer Science and language citation in French. I am particularly interested in behavioral economics but would be open to other fields as well. I am available to work 5-10 hours a week in both the spring and fall semesters, but my schedule is flexible to accommodate any long term projects or commitments. Resume

Julia Lu
Bachelor of Arts Candidate in Behavioral Economics
Harvard College Class of 2019
713-405-9217 | 

Zhaodong Chen, Harvard College, 2018

I am Zhaodong Chen, a sophomore concentrating in Applied Math and Economics. I am interested to be involved in research that has some quantitative analysis opportunity and open to any other research as well. I am available Fall and Spring  semester this year for between 5-8 hours per week. Resume

Contact information:

Zhaodong Chen
Bachelor of Arts Candidate in Applied Math/Economics
Harvard College Class of 2018
808-384-2696 |