What is FITS?

FITS is a free and open source tool for identifying and validating file formats, extracting metadata embedded within files, and outputting the metadata in various formats. It was created to do some of the file processing tasks needed to support digital preservation repositories and applications. 

Who should use FITS?

Anyone who needs to preserve digital content in a broad range of file formats. FITS was designed to be used in cases where many different types of file formats need to be processed, for example as part of the repository intake or ingest process. Another use of FITS is to embed it within a larger application, for example Archivematica.


How can I obtain FITS?

You can download FITS from our on-line Downloads page.

What do I need to run FITS?

FITS requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) of version 1.6 or higher. 

How do I install FITS?

Installation instructions are available on-line in the Quick Start Guide.


What is a "wrapped tool"?

It means a tool that could be used independently (like JHOVE) that is included with FITS because it performs either file format identification, file format validation and/or metadata extraction. For additional terms, see the Glossary