About Us

Forum on Healthcare Innovation

The Forum on Healthcare Innovation is a collaboration between Harvard Business School (HBS) and Harvard Medical School (HMS). Its purpose is to unite leading executives, policymakers, and academics in a cross-disciplinary exploration of innovative actions to improve quality, reduce costs, and, ultimately, increase value in the healthcare industry.

“I discovered both the enormous gratitude each one of us has as individuals for healthcare and the equally enormous frustration any one of us has as a consumer of the healthcare system. The challenge of this conference is: How can we realize the great magic, and the great benefits, that healthcare can afford?”
Dean, Harvard Business School, reflecting on his personal experiences with healthcare and his ambitions for the Forum
“We need approaches to the solutions that aren’t just arithmetic and additive, but are in some sense logarithmic. This will require us to reach across historic boundaries and unlock the potential of collaboration across the usual disciplines.”
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Harvard University, introducing the purpose and structure of the Forum