B. Creating incentives to engage in improvement

All parties, including providers and patients, must be incentivized to engage in improvement efforts.

Reisman noted that a key to Aetna’s approach for enhancing value is the integration of multiple elements into a model centered on “accountable care.” Within this model, providers are enabled with advanced technologies that help them communicate with and engage healthcare consumers. Consumers are subsequently empowered with information, which, in turn, aligns their behaviors with actions that contribute to improved care. “We are enabling providers and consumers with tools and incentives to make fundamental change,” Reisman said.

Michael A. Mussallem, Chairman and CEO of Edwards Lifesciences, addressed collaboration among innovators themselves, stressing the necessity of creating the appropriate environment for innovation. “One of the things we know is that there’s nothing like the collaboration of physicians, bright engineers, and scientists to solve problems,” Mussallem said. “Somehow, we need to have the transparency and openness that allows and encourages rather than discourages it.”

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