B. Putting patients first

Providers must organize themselves around the needs of consumers rather than caregivers.

Delos M. Cosgrove, MD, President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic, articulated the need to reconceive the way care delivery is organized if it is to be truly consumer oriented. For Cosgrove and the Cleveland Clinic, “the patient is the most important person at an institution, and it’s our job to satisfy them,” a philosophy that has made a “patients first” mantra the guiding principle for the Clinic’s reorganization. “Most organizations are organized around physicians,” he noted. “We took a different step. We said we’re going to organize around patients’ problems and around organ systems such as neurologic disease or disease systems such as cancer.” The Clinic integrated community hospitals, family health centers, and other care delivery sites into one system that connects 6 million patients through one electronic medical record (EMR) system. Further, Cosgrove said, the Clinic measured clinical outcomes. “This was important for us because it caused us tolook at our results in a very transparent way. Every time we did this, we found issues, and we began to deal with them.”

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