5 Imperatives for Addressing Healthcare's Innovation Challenge

1. Making value the central objective:

In isolation, efforts to either reduce costs or improve outcomes are insufficient; we need to do both through care coordination and shared information. Read more

2. Promoting novel approaches to process improvement:

Instead of largely focusing on product innovation, we also must create an environment that encourages process improvement and acknowledges that “failure” represents an important component of experimentation and learning. Read more

3. Making consumerism really work:

Today, consumerism remains a strong idea with weak means of execution. We will achieve greater success when providers organize efforts around patient needs and when patients become more active agents in managing their own health. Read more

4. Decentralizing approaches to problem solving:

We should facilitate the movement of care delivery and healthcare innovation from centralized centers of expertise out to the periphery, where more providers, innovators, and patients can engage in collaborative improvement efforts. Read more

5. Integrating new approaches into established organizations:

Our future must build on past successes. Existing healthcare institutions must be reinforced with efforts to integrate new knowledge into established organizations and the communities they serve. Read more

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