Lab Meetings
(3:00pm, EBRC 522)

  • January 15: Nathan McDannold (Research Update)
  • January 22: Krisztina Fischer (Research Update)
  • January 29: TBD (Journal Club)
  • February 5: Sai-Chun Tang (Research Update)
  • February 12: Natalia Vykhodtseva (Research Update)
  • February 19: Jason White (Research Update)
  • February 26: Jason Papademetriou (Journal Club)
  • March 5: Costas Arvanitis (Research Update)
  • March 12: Thiele Kobus (Research Update)
  • March 19: Can Meral (Research Update)
  • March 26: Shanell Mojta and Muna Aryal (Research Presentations)
  • April 2: Snow Naing (Research Update)
  • April 9: Amber Bennoui (Research Update)
  • April 16: Phillip Alexander (Research Update)
  • April 23: Charles Maneval (Research Presentation)
  • April 30: BU Undergrads (Research Presentations)


  • Weekly FUS Lab meetings have been rescheduled to 3:00pm (still Wednesdays in EBRC 522).
  • If you work with animals, check your drug's expiry date.
  • If your work area is missing a phone and/or needs an internet activation, see Nathan or Jason.

Research Training

  • MRI safety training: required for all research personnel who will be working either indirectly (e.g., observing) or directly with MRI scanners. If you anticipate that your project will require some level of work with MRI, please be sure to attend a training session by making arrangements with Vera Kimbrell (VKIMBRELL at PARTNERS.ORG).
  • Animal Research Training: As per IACUC policy, all researchers using animals must complete the course on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals in Research and Teaching. This course is offered by the Standing Committee on Animals (IACUC) through the AALAS Learning Library. Detailed instructions can be found at


  • AMIGO SUITE: Take the Amory Elevators to L2. Take a left off the elevators, and then take an immediate right. Go down to the end of the hall and take a left (you will see signs for Shapiro). Take a left at the next full hallway. Go through the first set of double doors (you will then pass Pharmacy Administration and a Pharmacy Window). AMIGO is located just before the next set of double doors on the right (you will see signs for Office Suites LL2-260). Enter the door that says Berry Construction. Follow Signs to AMIGO. There will be a buzzer on the left to gain access to the Suite.

  • ARMENISE AMPHITHEATER: When facing HMS on Longwood Avenue, the entrance to Armenise is on the left side, half way towards the back of the quad. You will find signs hanging up on the entrance door and windows along the route. Go through the door, and turn left. The auditorium is just passed the elevators, only a short distance down the hallway.

  • ABRAMS CONFERENCE ROOM: The Abrams Conference room is located on the L1 level of Brigham and Women’s Hospital. (1) From the Main Entrance (75 Francis Street), turn right as you enter the building. Take the Amory Elevator down one floor to L1. Make a right turn as you exit the elevator. The Abrams conference Room is down the hall on the left. (2) From the Ambulatory Services Entrance (45 Francis Street), turn left as you enter the building from outside. Take the Nesson Ambulatory Elevator (NOT the Parking Elevator) down two floors to L1. Make a right turn as you exit the elevator. Turn right at the first corner and right at the next. The conference room is down the hall on the right.

  • BORNSTEIN AMPHITHEATER: Located on the 2nd Floor "Pike" in Brigham and Women's Hospital. From main lobby on the 1st floor at 75 Francis Street, walk down the "lower pike" corridor to the Connors Center for Women's Health elevators. Take the elevator up one level. Turn left into the main corridor. Find the entrance to this room on your left, between exits 5 and 6.

  • CARRIE HALL: It is located in the main Hospital Building at 15 Francis Street. The section of the building is called "Peter Bent Brigham." Go in through the rotating door; in front of you you'll see a security guard; facing the guard, turn to your right; walk all the way down that hallway. You will walk straight into Carrie Hall.

  • DUNCAN REID CONFERENCE ROOM: Enter through the hospital’s 75 Francis Street entrance. Take the main staircase, located at the back right of the lobby, one flight to the second floor. Turn left, at the top of the staircase, onto the second floor hallway, the Pike. Take your first right (exit 3) off the pike, proceed pass the elevators. Take your first right. The Duncan Reid conference room will be at the end of this hallway, directly in front of you.

  • HOLLENBERG CONFERENCE ROOM: The Hollenberg Conference Room is on the 3rd Floor of the Thorn Building, room 316. The Thorn Building is between exits 6 and 7 on the Pike. When you get off the elevator, the conference room will be directly in front of you, but you will need to go around the corner to the left, to the entrance.

  • LEE BELL CENTER FOR BREAST IMAGING: Located in the Connors Center for Women's Health on the second level. From the Main Entrance at 75 Francis Street, turn right inside the building and walk toward the Gift Shop. You will see a stairway to your left. Take the stairs to the second floor. Turn left at the top of the stairs. The Connors Center will be on your left after you pass through the double doors (these doors are usually open). Take the hallway to the left, toward the bridge to Children's Hospital. Breast Imaging Diagnostic Center is on the left.

  • ONE BRIGHAM CIRCLE: This is the building by JP Licks and 'Stop & Shop.' It is on the other side of Huntington Avenue from the main hospital building. The street address is 1620 Tremont Street. When you enter the building, go through the Brigham and Women's double doors on your left.

  • RAMZI COTRAN CONFERENCE CENTER: Inside the main entrance/lobby of the Brigham and Women's Hospital at 75 Francis Street (the Amory Laboratory Building), you will see a bank of elevators and an escalator. Take the Amory elevators to the 3rd floor. On the 3rd floor, turn right off the elevators. The entrance to "The Ramzi Cotran Conference Center" is well-marked and is the first set of double doors on the right (Amory 360.F.1, BWH Pathology).

  • SHAPIRO BOARDROOM: Coming from 75 Francis, on the Pike, walk over bridge into Shapiro Building, take escalators or elevators to first floor, walk towards back, left side of building, take right through double glass doors, entrance to room through double doors straight ahead.

  • SHAPIRO BREAKOUT ROOM: Coming from 75 Francis, on the Pike, walk over bridge into Shapiro Building, take escalators or elevators to first floor, walk towards back, left side of building, take right through double glass doors, entrance to room through double doors on left. (Room# 70FR-1010)

  • SURGICAL PLANNING LABORATORY: Once you are inside the Brigham's main lobby, take the Amory elevators across from the information desk down to L1. When you leave the elevators, turn right. Walk down the hallway: the third door on your right is marked SPL.