Advisory Committee

Here you can find information related to the Advisory Committee meeting on 9/13 in Cambridge. Below you will find relevant documents, and a meeting schedule will be posted soon.

Information on Advisory Committee Members

book_narrative_v1.docx45.26 KB
technology_optimism_on_genomic_science_v6.docx391.49 KB
what_is_at_stake_in_social_construction.v1.docx75.44 KB
GKAP Survey.pdf188.15 KB
TESS Survey.pdf96.07 KB
RWJ Grant Proposal.pdf296.84 KB
GKAP_All_Respondents.pdf567.52 KB
GKAP_Blacks, Non Hispanic.pdf560.75 KB
GKAP_Whites, Non Hispanic.pdf558.4 KB
GKAP_Hispanics.pdf558.34 KB
GKAP_Asians.pdf558.64 KB
GKAP_Multiracials.pdf556.88 KB