Past Events

  • Section 1

    Jan 30 (All day)

    Time: 8-9.30pm
    Location: CGIS K354 

  • Replication: Comments on Papers Due

    May 07, 5:00pm

    Once all papers are turned in, we will turn over your replication paper to another student, and assign you a replication paper to evaluate. Your last assignment for the class will then be to read and comment on a fellow student's work and to grade this student according to certain guidelines we will provide. Your main objective is to give the student feedback on what changes and improvements need to happen in order for the paper to be published. As always, you will be evaluated based on how helpful, not how destructive, you are.

  • Replication Due

    Apr 26, 5:00pm

    The final version of the paper is due the first day of Reading Period, Thursday, April 26, at 5pm. You must turn in a hard copy of the paper and arrange to hand over all data and code (either by email or by Dropbox). You must also follow standard academic practice and create a permanent replication archive by uploading all your data and code to the Gov2001 Dataverse.