Week 2 and 3 Readings

February 14, 2013

The reading assignment for weeks 2 and 3 is UPM Chapter 4, which you can find here on NB.  

Assignment 3 Posted

February 14, 2013

Assignment 3 has been posted on WebAssign and is due 2/20 at 7PM.

Assignment 2 Posted

February 9, 2013

Assignment 2 has now been posted on WebAssign. It's due on Wednesday, February 13 at 7pm before section. The instructions are also available in pdf form.

Assignment 1 Posted

January 31, 2013

Assignment 1 has now been posted on WebAssign. It's due on Wednesday, February 6 at 8pm before section. The instructions are also available in pdf form. The required dataset is available both through WebAssign and here.

1st class, 1/28/2013

January 19, 2013

Please bring a charged smartphone, laptop, or other web-enabled device to class.

Week 12 Reading Assignment

April 16, 2012
DUE: 8:00am Sunday, April 22

READING: 1) Hopkins and King "A Method of Automated Nonparametric Content Analysis for Social Science" (words.pdf), and 2) Grimmer and King "General Purpose Computer-Assisted Clustering and Conceptualization" (201018067_online_1.pdf)

Week 11 Reading Assignments

April 9, 2012
DUE: 8:00am Sunday, April 15

READING: 1) "Analyzing Incomplete Political Science Data: An Alternative Algorithm for Multiple Imputation" (King et al.pdf); 2) "What to Do about Missing Values in Time-Series Cross-Section Data" (HonakerKing.pdf)