Annual Award Ceremony and Aloian Dinner

Every year, the Harvard Foundation holds an award ceremony to honor those who have contributed to intercultural and race relations on campus. The awardees include students from a variety of Houses and class years, all working to promote intercultural understanding on campus.  Awardees are selected through nominations from house masters, resident deans, tutors, proctors, faculty, and their peers. This year, we received over 80 nominations and after this careful deliberation and discussion, these final candidates’ names were submitted to the director for approval.

SAC Update Fall 2013

Maya Dorje ’15 & Irfan Mahmud ’16

The fall semester saw the largest Harvard Foundation Student Advisory Committee in its history with over 80 cultural and racial organizations represented. Additionally, by the end of the semester, six additional organizations were voted into the SAC, including the Harvard Undergraduate Brazilian Association, Harvard College Iranian Association, Harvard College Canadian Club, Harvard College Students for Bangladesh, Harvard Italian-American Students Association, and Harvard Dis-Orient Players.

Gideon’s Army: A Movie Screening and Discussion on Race in the Justice System

Kirin Gupta ’16 & Irfan Mahmud ’15

On the evening of November 18, the Harvard Foundation, in partnership with the Winthrop House Race Relations Tutors and Harvard Foundation Associate, Elaine Cheng ’15, hosted a screening of Gideon’s Army and a post-screening discussion on the American criminal justice system with Winthrop House Master and HLS Professor, Ron Sullivan.

Co-Existing Self: A Conversation about Passing and Identities at Harvard

Grace Chen '15 & Irfan Mahmud '16

On the evening of November 13, the Harvard Foundation, in partnership with the Leverett House Race Relations Tutors and the Harvard College Women’s Center, hosted an open discussion on the coexisting identities Harvard students have in the different roles they assume on campus. The event, titled “Co-Existing Self,” was one part of a two-part initiative to explore this idea of multiple identities coexisting in one person.

2013 Humanitarian of the Year Dinner

Nader Daoud '16

“I’m not supposed to tell you this… but I fight with my brothers,” said Malala Yousafzai when asked what she did during her free time, “They tell me, ‘Malala, you say that you have forgiven the Taliban. Why won’t you forgive us?’” The crowd burst into thunderous applause and heartfelt laughter multiple times as Ms. Yousafzai engaged with over 100 people during the dinner’s Q&A session.

2013 Humanitarian of the Year Award Ceremony

Rahim Mawji '15

“Instead of sending guns, send pens. Instead of sending tanks, send books. Instead of sending soldiers, send teachers,” said Malala Yousafzai on Friday, September 27th, 2013 in front of a packed audience at Sanders Theater. Malala – a Pakistani human rights and education activist – was honored as the 2013 Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian of the Year, and being 16 years old, is officially the youngest person to receive the award by a few decades.