Can the Harvard Foundation help in hosting a guest or organizing an event?

If individual students or members of student organizations have an idea for an event or guest they would like to bring to campus they are welcome to drop by the Harvard Foundation office or schedule an appointment to meet with full time or intern staff to discuss ideas. E-mail the office or a staff member directly, or simply call the office.

When is Cultural Rhythms this year? How can I get tickets?

Cultural Rhythms is typically on the third Saturday of February. This year, that is 2/22/14. Tickets can be purchased from the Harvard Box Office at the Smith Campus Center (formerly the Holyoke Center). They are first sold only to undergraduates with Harvard College IDs. Subsequently, they are made available to Harvard University's graduate students, faculty, and staff. Any remaining tickets are then offered to the general public. Tickets typically cost $10 for the matinee show and $5 for the evening show.

What's the difference between an intern and an associate?

Essentially, interns are part-time employees of the Harvard Foundation, and associates are volunteers. As an intern, you are expected to commit to at least 3 hours of work a week for all 4 years of your college career. Attendance at weekly meetings is also required. While interns are paid, associates enjoy more flexibility. They work with the office on a year-to-year basis, focus on promoting diversity through house/dorm specific events, and only have to attend monthly meetings. Additionally, only freshmen and sophomores may apply to be interns, but there is no class restriction for associate applicants.

What benefits are there to being a Student Advisory Committee (SAC) member organization?

SAC organizations are eligible to apply for financial support in the form of SAC grants. More information about this process can be found here. Additionally, being a SAC member organization facilitates inter-group collaboration via the expansive cultural network that the SAC is. Monthly SAC/FAC meetings allow SAC organizations to interact with faculty and voice their opinions for effecting change.

How can my organization become part of the Student Advisory Committee (SAC)?

Only organizations that are officially recognized by the Office of Student Life (OSL) may apply to join the SAC. The process begins with a meeting held between SAC board and a representative from the organization. This representative must prove that the organization's mission overlaps with the mission of the Harvard Foundation. If the SAC board decides that your organization qualifies, then a vote involving all current SAC member organizations shall occur at the next general SAC meeting. A majority of the vote is required to confirm an organization's membership.