Usability Testing Completed at Cabot Library

A total of 29 user usability tests were just completed on the Cabot Library surface table under the direction of Dr. Rong Tang, Director of the Simmons GSLIS Usability Lab.  Congratulations to Mike Corbett, Xin He and Lindsey Danis for a job well done. Special thanks to Michael Leach for managing to organize the student particpants on such short notice. The sessions included 24 undergraduate and 5 nonundergraduate and focused primarily on the Library Explorer application.

NUIverse application designed by David Brown

Watch this short video on the NUIverse application designed by David Brown for the Samsung SUR40. This exciting app will be previewed on the Cabot surface table shortly. 

Usability testing begins

We have a wonderful team from Simmons helping us with conducting usability tests of the SUR40 and Library Explorer. This weekend was a mad rush to ensure that everything was in order before interviewing over 30 student participants. The interviews occur within the Cabot Library space, which has gotten the attention of many students so far.