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An integral component of the historical study of elections is geography. After all, electoral districts are spatial entities. With recent advancements in GIS technology, we have been able to revisit historic maps, reconstruct them in a digital format, and harness them for the purposes of a richer analysis. Published maps from various studies are available here.

*Jeffrey Blossom and Daniel Ziblatt “Electoral District Boundaries, Germany, 1890-1912” Harvard University Geospatial Library (2011) 

*Konstantin Kashin and Daniel Ziblatt, "Administrative District Boundaries, Germany 1890s" Harvard University Geospatial Library (2012)

Administrative District Boundaries, Germany, 1890s

GIS vector dataset representing administrative district boundaries for the German Empire as they existed in the 1890s. Source map was specifically drawn in 1894 and 1895. The specific nomenclature of the administrative units are state-dependent: kreise in Prussia, Baden, and other states; Amtshauptmannschaften in Saxony, Oberamter in Württemberg, etc. In addition to identifying the administrative boundary, the map provides additional information on the state, province, and other geopolitical structures to which the administrative unit belonged. Boundary data digitized from the source maps: Vogel, C. Karte Des Deutschen Reichs Im Massstab 1:500000. Gotha: J. Perthes, [c. 1907].

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Kashin, K., & Ziblatt, D. (2012). Administrative district boundaries, Germany, 1890s. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Geospatial Library. Retrieved from

German Empire Electoral District Boundaries, 1890-1912

GIS vector dataset representing electoral district boundaries for Germany as they existed 1890-1912. Boundary data was digitized from the source paper map: "Konfessionsstruktur der Wahlkreise, 1890-1912" [Map 10] in Jürgen Schmädeke's Wählerbewegung im Wilhelminischen Deutschland : die Reichstagwahlen von 1890-1912, Vol. 2.

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