Fall 2015


History of Medicine Working Group Posters

All sessions meet from 6-8pm in Science Center 469. Dinner is served at working group meetings. For catering purposes and to receive any pre-circulated materials, RSVP to angelrodriguez@g.harvard.edu

September 14
Opening Panel Discussion with Profs. Allan M. Brandt,
David S. Jones, and Susan M. Reverby

September 21
Colleen Lanier-Christensen (History of Science)
“Managing a ‘Moon Shot’ for Cancer: Contract Research at
the National Cancer Institute”

September 28
Nils Hansson (University of Cologne)
“Enacting Excellency: Awarding Nobel Prizes (or Not) to Surgeons in the Twentieth Century”

October  5
Frank Blibo (History of Science)
“The ‘New’ Scientific Racism and the Misjudgment of Man: Rationalizing Human Difference in a (Post)-Genomic Age”

October 19
James T. Downs (Visiting Fellow in Medical Anthropology and The Weatherhead Initiative on Global History)
“The Coefficient in Epidemiology: The International Cholera Epidemics and the American Civil War”

October 26
Diane Paul (University of Massachusetts Boston and Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology)
“Truby King, Infant Welfare, and the Boundaries of Eugenics”

November 2
Lucas Müller (HASTS Program, MIT)
“Breaking the Toxic Mold: Aflatoxin and the Making of Cancer Research in the Postcolonial World, 1960–2015”

November 9
John Gee (History)
“Applied Anthropology and Cultural Preservation:
U.S.–Mexico Connections”

November 30
Michael Knipper (Justus Liebig University and
Harvard Medical School)
“The Alma Ata Declaration of 1978 and the Human Right to Health: Towards an Historical Understanding of Primary Health Care”

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