The Constitution of The Harvard College Queer Students & Allies Committee for Undergraduate Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Queer Business Students (HUBBS)

Article I: Mission

HUBBS is dedicated to opening pathways for BGLTQ students interested in finance, consulting, and technology to pursue their career goals.

Article II: Membership

A member of HUBBS that is in good standing is any Harvard University undergraduate student that expresses interest in HUBBS by either attending at least one meeting per year or staying subscribed to the HUBBS-Open email list.

Article III: Officers

All members are eligible to run for any officer position. The officer positions are as follows:

Co-Presidents (two positions in total)

The two Co-Presidents will serve as the chief executive officers of the group by leading meetings and having veto power (both Co-Presidents must agree to veto) on any issue with which the organization deals. The two Co-Presidents will also have jurisdiction over all constitutional changes, as well as all meetings and events that HUBBS pursues.

Finance Chair

The Finance Chair will write all grants for the organization and supervise all financial matters.

Technology Chair

The Technology Chair will be in charge of the structure of all electronic communication of the organization.

External Relations Chair

The External Relations Chair will be in charge of group outreach and booking spaces for events.

Tenure for all positions will be January 01-December 31 of each year.

Article IV: Elections

Elections for all positions will be held at a prudent time during the school year in the Mid November-Early December time period. All members are eligible to vote. The Co-Presidents will be in charge of all elections. A majority vote of the membership present at elections is all that will be required to elect a member to the board.