Harvard Business School Mentorship

The HUBBS-HBS Mentorship Program helps to fulfill HUBBS’s mission of opening pathways for BGLTQ students interested in finance, consulting, technology, and other business sectors by matching undergraduates with mentors from the HBS LGBT Students Association who have had real work experience in the careers that undergraduates plan to pursue. Mentors help undergraduates to navigate their intended workplaces as BGLTQ students, as well as offer advice on interviews, resumes, MBA admissions, and other knowledge on how to be competitive in the business world. During the course of the HUBBS-HBS Mentorship Program, members will also have the opportunity to attend exclusive networking events with HUBBS sponsors, information sessions with HBS admissions officers, and social mixers with other program participants.

To apply, submit your resume to hubbsboard@gmail.com and fill out the form below. Applications will be accepted over the summer until Sunday, August 30 @ 11:59pm. We encourage applicants to apply as early as possible: those who apply earlier will receive a significant degree of admission preference over those who apply later.