Joe Hardin Receives the HUIT Cup!

February 6, 2014

Earlier this morning, testing/quality assurance engineer Joe Hardin won the HUIT Cup. The following is a quote from the nomination:

"Although they don't know it, all Harvard users owe thanks to Joe. As a testing lead for our IAM practice, Joe's hard work and determination coupled with a naturally friendly and collaborative work style have been deciding factors in our success delivering recent updates to the PIN and LDAP systems. He is respected and admired by all who work with him. He works hard as an individual, but what stands out is his ability to work with other people and adapt to diverse work styles in pressured situations. He is unselfish and conscientious; proactive when we need it most and attentive to "learning the lessons" for the long haul. He is also fun to work with and a joy to have on a team that is constantly under the gun. Working with people like Joe is a motivating reward in itself. I think he embodies all the HUIT values, and would be a deserving winner of the HUIT cup."