Universal Remote

With every piece of new technology, comes another remote control (television, dvd player, cd player, cable box, projector, etc.). Each remote works well for the specific device it was created for, but does not work with the other devices. With so many remotes, it becomes difficult and inefficient to keep track of the purpose and location of each remote.

In 1985, Philips introduced the first universal remote. The strategy was to create a device that would take individual devices with singular abilities (one remote controls, one DVD player, nothing else), and combining it with all other remote devices for efficient and organized usage. This didn't solve an unsolvable problem, the devices worked with their designed controller, but it created an ultra organized structure bringing all device capabilities to one singular device. 

Pony Express

The pony express was a mail service from 1860 to 1861, Missouri to California, that used a delivery man on horseback with different express stations along the way. The service lasted 18 months and provided the ability to deliver mail from east coast to west coast in 10 days or less. The mail carrier would ride a horse for 10 miles to the next pony express station (157 stations across the US), and take a rested horse to the following station.

At the time, the pony express was considered an ultra efficient method for communication across the country. But with the telegraph deployed in the US, people began sending morse code messages to each other from across the nation in seconds. And as the morse telegraph became more available, the slower and more expensive pony express came to an end. 

Lord of the Rings

(Fiction written by J. R. R. Tolkien) Lord Sauron created rings of power for the different creatures of middle earth. Three rings for the Elven kings, seven for the Dwarf lords, and nine for the Humans. With so many different rings spread out across multiple kingdoms, it became difficult to track the location and plans for each ruler. In the interest of keeping simplified order over the rings, Sauron created a single ring to posses power over all of the rings. With this one ring, he created a controlled environment where there was once unorganized chaos.