IQSS is a University-wide institute located physically and administratively within the Faculty of Arts & Sciences.  We facilitate the creation, dissemination, and preservation of scientific knowledge about human society, its problems, and their solutions.  We support these aims through our highly collaborative environment and the scalable infrastructure we are continually building.  IQSS also offers many related services to support faculty, students, staff, and programs across a wide variety of disciplines in all of Harvard's schools. 

Our scientific mission is: (1) to create, and make widely accessible, statistical, computational, and analytical tools for the social sciences; and (2) to use these tools for understanding and solving major problems that affect society and the well-being of human populations. 

The organizational mission is: (1) to foster interdisciplinary, often large-scale, and highly collaborative projects that cannot readily be accomplished in isolation within the traditional setting of individual departments; and (2) to build a scientific culture where faculty, students, and staff work side by side, not only to solve their own problems in their own disciplines, but also to seek out problems in unrelated or applied areas amenable to the same approach.

If you are interested in the "inner workings" of our Institute, the details of what our teams are up to these days, see Progress Reports for project team updates beginning in July 2012.  You will also find IQSS high-level and cross-team reports under Overview Reports.   Posted documentation is updated regularly as it becomes available.

All of our team contacts welcome questions and feedback.  Thank you for your interest in IQSS.

Kate Chen, Executive Director