For Freshman

Welcome Freshman and Prospective Students

Everything you need is in the Life Sciences Advising Booklet (right). Freshman please read pages 1-5, which contain great information for pre-concentrators. The Student Handbook outlines all concentrations in Concentration Requirements.

Here are some other things you might find helpful: 

Advising Programs Office (APO) has information about the Faculty of Arts and Sciences concentrations.  The APO's news/events keep you up-to-date on deadlines and concentration happenings.

Students considering concentrating in the Life Sciences should take the online Chemistry and Biology placement exams before arriving on campus. General information on placement exams can be found on the Harvard College website.

Life Sciences: Students are required to take the introductory sequence called Life Sciences 1a or Life and Physical Sciences A (fall semester) and 1b (spring semester) in order to graduate. Life Sciences 1a and Life and Physical Sciences A provide an integrated introduction to chemistry and molecular and cellular biology. Life Sciences 1b covers genetics, genomics, and evolution. A combination of the LS 1A/LPSA and LS 1b should give students a solid foundation in the life sciences.

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