Interested in Neurobiology?

Helpful tips to navigate your Neurobiology concentration:

  • Make an appointment to meet with a Neurobio Advisor to discuss your interests and personalize
    a plan of study.
  • Plan to take MCB 80 in the fall of sophomore year.
  • By the end of sophomore year, it is very useful to have the following courses completed:
    • LS1a & LS1b
    • MCB 80
    • OEB 57
    • Math (at least started)*
  • You may finish the Neurobiology math requirement in one semester if you start with Math 19a or above.  In this case, you would not need to take a second math class.
  • Most students do not begin "Advanced Neurobiology Courses" (link to the Neuro Courses page) until junior year.
  • CS50 and Engineering courses count towards the concentration.
  • You do not need to take organic chemistry to concentrate in Neurobiology.

Let's bust some of those pesky Myths out there.

  • Fact: You don't need organic Chemistry/Physics to be in the Life Sciences.
  • Fact: You don't need to go into research or to Med School if you are a Neurobiology concentrator.
  • Fact: You don't need to start research freshman or sophomore year, but you can.
  • Fact: You don't need experience to get into a research lab (link to research page), cause that's what you're gonna get by joining one.
  • Fact: You should meet with concentration advisors early on, and definitely before declaration.
  • Fact: You should go for funding opportunities (link to those), cause we've got plenty of them for you.

Hey, Sophomore~

Come and see us.

Also, check out Neurobio "Get Social".  It links to undergrad groups, harvard events, related organizations, our Facebook site.

Best wishes!
Ryan, Laura, and Venki

*Mathematics: Students generally begin the study of mathematics in their first year according to their preparation and placement scores. Neurobiology concentrators can complete the math requirement with Math 19a or 21a. Math 19a is a course on differential equations with applications in the life sciences; it is highly recommended for Neurobiology concentrators. Math 21a and Applied Math 21a are also appropriate course selections. Math 1b (Calculus) or the equivalent is required for each of these courses. If a first year student places into Math 19a or higher and successfully passes the course, then the student does not need to take a second math course, but this does not reduce the total number of credits for the concentration.  Physical Sciences: Students ordinarily take Physical Sciences 1 in the spring semester of their first year.