microMORPH is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for undergraduates ($5,000), and graduate students, postdoctorals, and assistant professors ($3,500) in plant development and plant evolution.
These grants are available to support cross-disciplinary visits between labs or institutions for a period of a few weeks to an entire semester.  We are committed to supporting diverse aspects of plant evo-devo related to questions or processes of microevolution.  In particular, we wish to encourage visits from evolutionary ecologists, systematists and morphologists to molecular developmental labs with the intention of developing tools to investigate diversifications of populations and closely related species – and visits from members of molecular developmental labs interested in learning of the biology and evolutionary ecology of non-model groups of species.  The interdisciplinary nature of these focused interactions will provide a unique opportunity for participants to integrate historically disparate fields and in turn develop research programs at the interfaces of evolutionary ecology, organismic biology, and developmental biology. 

How to Apply

Applications can be submitted online though the “Submit Applications” box on the left of this page, or by clicking Here to Submit.

The application process is hosted by the Arnold Arboretum, and you will have a register an account in order to apply. There are a few steps you will need to complete:

1) Please click the Submission link and follow the instructions to register for an account.

2) Search for grant listings for the grant you wish to apply to (hint: grants are listed in alphabetical order, and all of the microMORPH grant names start with "microMORPH"!)

3) Click  "Apply" or "Add to Cart". (if you use "Add to Cart", the listing will now show up when you click on on the "My Interest Cart" tab).

4) Follow application instructions. The application includes a way for you to send recommendation letter requests (submission instructions will be sent to your recommenders). Be sure to click "Final Review and Submit" when you are ready to submit!