Frequently Asked Questions for residents

What is the purpose of the video/online project submission?  The video or online project for the application is really meant to provide a sense of applicants’ interest level in digital stewardship, communication skills, highlighting strengths, and background.

Can I design my own project? No. The projects are designed by the Hosts of the residency.

 Who designs the projects for the residency program? And how will I be assigned to one?  The projects are designed by the host institutions. The project proposal is a critical part of the evaluation process for selecting hosts. Once selected the residents will be asked to rate their interest in the available projects via an online survey. NDSR Boston will make every effort to match those interests with the available projects.

 Will the program pay for relocation expenses?  Unfortunately the program cannot cover relocation expenses but we can provide you with sources for housing options.

What is the compensation for the program?

The compensation for the program is administered by Harvard University and is $20/hour for 35 hours per week. The length of the residency is 9 months (39 weeks) making the total compensation $27,300.

 Does the program compensation include health benefits?

The program does not provide health benefits but health insurance is required in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Because you are not eligible for benefits through Harvard, there are the options available through the Mass Health Connector (https://www.mahealthconnector.org/)