Fall 2010 Course: Ethnography Practicum at Boston College

May 14, 2010

The Sociology Department at Boston College is offering a hands-on graduate methods seminar this coming Fall, SC 701: Ethnography Practicum.

The course is run workshop style. Participants engage in ethnographic research projects of their own choosing. Each class meeting is dedicated to the discussion of one or two participants' work, and students read and comment on each other's field notes and analyses throughout the semester, as does the professor. By the end of the semester, everyone produces a research paper based on her/his ethnographic work. Many of these projects become masters papers or parts of dissertations. During class sessions, we discuss theory and data, fieldwork and writing, emotions and analysis, as required by the specific project at hand. It is useful, although not required, for students planning to take the course to talk briefly to the professor beforehand, so that they have some sense of what they might focus on going in to the class.

Class meets Wednesdays, 12-2:30.

Please direct questions to Professor Leslie Salzinger at leslie.salzinger@bc.edu or (617) 552-4134.