UC Davis Qualitative Methods Workshop

March 17, 2011

Friends of the Davis Conference on Qualitative Research,

As you know, we’ve been running our qualitative research conference for the past 10 years.  And we’ve heard from many attendees and colleagues about the need for additional sources of training for qualitative methods.

We are happy to announce that this summer we will be running a 3 day Qualitative Methods Workshop to provide intensive training in basic methods of qualitative data collection, analysis, and presentation!  The workshop will be held at UC Davis Graduate School of Management from July 26-28, 2011.  It is open to both faculty and doctoral students.

The course will consist of a short field-based project to provide hands-on observation and interviewing experience, followed by analysis and development of categories from the data, and ending with practice in framing and presenting qualitative research.   It will be jointly taught by Beth Bechky, Kim Elsbach, and Andy Hargadon.

The basic cost will be $1500, with a discounted rate of $900 for doctoral students. Attendees are expected to pay for their own travel and lodging costs. Applications are due April 30, 2011.

Please see our website for more detailed information about the workshop, and to apply:  http://qualitativemethodsworkshop.ucdavis.edu/methods.php