Workshop: Comparing Approaches to Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA)


Saturday, February 6, 2010, 9:00am to 1:00pm

"Comparing Approaches to Qualitative Data Analysis  (QDA)"

Location: CGIS Knafel, (K354). 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge MA 02138

For details and to sign up:

We expect to have space for 35 people.

The workshop has two main goals.

(1) To introduce and demonstrate several QDA programs other than Atlas.ti. Users of these programs will use data from their own research to illustrate common features of each program, as well as talk about pros and cons.

(2) To initiate a broader discussion of approaches to QDA and the relationship between research approach, data, and software. Panelists will discuss how the QDA program was integrated into their overall research approach, and broader issues of research design and data analysis. This will be a forum for intermediate/ advanced students and faculty to discuss some of the broader issues in planning and carrying out qualitative research.

The tentative format of the workshop is as follows:

A) 30 minutes: Introduction and Overview of Resources for comparing QDA programs and getting support for QDA (Alison)

B) 2 hours, 30 minutes: 5 panelists demonstrate different QDA programs and discuss their experiences using them
- NVivo
- MaxQDA
- QDAMiner
(- A little about Atlas.ti from Alison)

C) 1 hour: General Discussion including audience

UPDATE: See the handouts from the workshop below!


QDA_Panel_Materials-_table_of_contents.pdf25 KB
QDA_panel_introduction_slides.pdf148 KB
HyperRESEARCH_how_to-handout.pdf583 KB
Framework_an_introduction_v2.pdf493 KB