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Click "Getting Started" above, or go directly to

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Qualtrics allows users to easily create surveys, collect and store data, and produce reports. Some of its capabilities include the following:

  • a wizard to help build surveys, requiring no prior training
  • dozens of sample surveys on various topics to customize for your own use
  • integrated graphics and statistical tools
  • ability to download data into Excel or SPSS with the full syntax retained

Qualtrics has a new look!

Qualtrics has an updated user interface with a new layout and design and has added new features. See what’s changed!

Support and Training

Harvard’s contract with Qualtrics includes direct phone and email support:

If your question is Harvard-specific, Qualtrics Support will contact us and we’ll work together to get an answer for you.


Who can use Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is available from this login page to all current Harvard affiliates, except those in the Medical School, Dental School, and Business School:

XID holders are not able to access Qualtrics through this license.

If you think you should be able to access Qualtrics from this login page, please contact us at to verify that your account is set up correctly.


How do I login to my Qualtrics account?

Click the “Get Started” button above or visit

What is the cost to use Qualtrics?


HUIT covers the cost of the standard Qualtrics license; there is no charge to users unless they choose to use certain add-on features (see below).


Which add-on features are available to me?

HUIT has enabled the following add-on features for our Qualtrics license: the Offline App, API Access, and SMS Surveys.

Note that if you would like to use SMS Surveys, there are per-message fees that must be covered by your department or unit. SMS credits cost $.01/message, and are sold in blocks of $500 (50,000 messages). Qualtrics will bill you directly for a block of credits. If you'd like to do use this feature please contact us at for next steps.

Who do I contact for help with my surveys or for training?

Harvard’s contract with Qualtrics includes direct phone and email support:

(800) 340-9194 (9am–8pm EST) (24/7)

Qualtrics also provides support and training .


Can I distribute my surveys to people outside of Harvard?

Yes, you can send your surveys out to anyone via email, social media, QR code, or add a link to your web site. Review the survey distribution overview.

What sort of security considerations are there?

The HUIT Security Office has created a guide that highlights key considerations with regard to security when using Qualtrics.

Keep in mind:
1. Collect only the data you need.
2. Only Access Qualtrics From Trusted Devices.
3. Collaborate with people you trust.
4. Give the appropriate rights to the appropriate collaborators.
5. Use calendar reminders to remember to add, edit, or remove collaborators.
6. Share your survey link responsibly.
7. If you have a concern, bring it to HUIT Security.

For more information, read the full HUIT Security Guide for Qualtrics.

Can I require respondents to log in to take my survey?


Yes! This PDF describes how to set it up so that participants must log in to take your survey.


How do I make my surveys accessible?

Qualtrics has a Check Survey Accessibility feature that can review your survey to see if it complies with accessibility standards.

If I leave Harvard, may I take my surveys and data with me?

When you leave Harvard, you will no longer be able to access your surveys or survey data through We recommend that before you leave, you download your data and export your surveys so you can import a copy of them to another Qualtrics account.

It is also possible to transfer your surveys into another Qualtrics account, either at your new institution or to a free or individual Qualtrics account. Read the details about taking surveys with you.

Copy and paste this code to your website.
Copy and paste this code to your website.