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RCE Upgrade

July 22, 2015

RCE user's should perform the following tasks to coincide with the NoMachine upgrade on the RCE:

- Due to configuration changes made by NoMachine, local settings from old versions of NX may cause problems with your RCE connection. To clear your settings, delete your ".nx" folder. A new folder will be created automatically. Unfortunately you will need to re-create your RCE connection.

- On Windows: C:\Users\username\.nx
- On Mac: /Users/username/.nx
- On Linux: /home/username/.nx

RCE Password change in response to recent Harvard security incident

July 2, 2015

Harvard University IT security personnel discovered an intrusion on their
network.  As a precaution they are requiring users to change their passwords.
HMDC systems were *not* attacked and no intrusion of our systems has been
detected.  However, in following best practice in an intrusion event we are
requiring RCE users to also change their passwords.  Some of you may have
recently changed passwords, and we apologize for any inconvenience, but the


RCE Developer Blog

Always On: Persistent Interactive Jobs on the RCE

Do you run interactive jobs on the Research Computing Environment (RCE)? You probably do, but, do you know what differentiates interactive jobs from non-interactive or batch RCE jobs?

It’s simple: Interactive jobs expect user-input and are often GUI providing applications like XStata, Matlab, or Mathematica. Batch jobs expect no user input and run in parallel without intervention.

How RCE powered applications work now