Batch example

To set up our batch processing example for use, you first download the source material, and then determine your batch processing parameters.

Downloading the Source Files

To download the source files for use in this case study:

  1. Log in to your RCE session.

  2. Open this page in a web browser in your RCE session.

  3. Click the file condor_example.tar.gz to download it to your desktop

    You are prompted to save or open the file (Figure 1).

    Figure 1. Download dwarves Case Study Sources

  4. Click the Save to Disk option, and then click OK to save the tar file to your desktop.

    The file is downloaded to your desktop, and the Downloads window is displayed (Figure 2), listing files downloaded in your RCE session.

    Figure 2. Downloads Window

  5. Open a terminal window, and unzip the tar file in the Desktop directory. Type:

    > tar zxvf Desktop/condor_example.tar.gz

You now have a directory named condor_example in your home directory, which contains the files necessary to run our example.