Outage Notification

Outage Notification - Overview

We strive to provide advance notice whenever we must schedule an interruption of service; in addition, we post announcements on our web site in the event of an unplanned service outage. We recommend that you use at least one of the channels of communication described in this section so that you are not caught unaware by a service outage.

Maintenance Windows

Some systems maintenance tasks require temporary interruptions of our managed services. To minimize the disruption, we reserve the first and third Wednesday of every month for regular systems maintenance.

When you receive notification that an interruption of service will take place, please be sure to save all work and disconnect from all of our login servers at least 30 minutes before the start of the scheduled outage window. The outage notification specifies which managed services will be affected.

You can sign up to receive outage announcements by email.  Outage notifications also are posted on our support web site at http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/rce/calendar and in the RCE itself through the built-in Outage Notifier.

If you have questions concerning an interruption in service, please contact us.